As the official representative of the Clemson University Undergraduate Student Body, Student Government was created to be and still acts as the liaison between the students and the administration, faculty and staff. From its inception in 1957, Student Government has sought to be the chief student advocate in all areas of campus life. In addition to serving as the governing body of the student population, Student Government also participates heavily in the daily affairs of the University. Through interaction with University officials and representation on University committees and councils, Student Government representatives provide continuous input to the administration and offer many recommendations with regard to student sentiment. Student Government also provides a wide array of services and programs for the mutual benefit of all Clemson students.

Every Clemson student is represented through the elected and appointed members of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of Student Government, and those representatives welcome and encourage visits from students who wish to voice their ideas, opinions, and concerns. As the chief student advocate on campus, Student Government is dedicated to the service of all Clemson students and the enhancement of the Clemson experience. The active student input is the most vital ingredient in the functioning of the Clemson University Student Government.